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Little Cabin Pet

Food & Supplies


is now up and running!  We sell a wide variety of pet food-  brands like ProNature, Canidae,

Big Country Raw, Nutram,

Natural Planet, etc.

We also have leashes, collars, toys,  beds, chews, dehydrated bones, supplements... and more!

Please come and check it out!  If you'd like-  we can deliver, as well!

Call Peter

783 - 5949


The Doggie Motel is located on Stahls Rd., just north of Huntsville. We have almost 50 acres here, with trails through the bush and access to Jessop's creek.  We also have a nice deep pond for all those goofballs that like to swim!

The Doggie Motel boasts large indoor/outdoor pens, each with its own sliding door. Each pen has a wooden pallet on the floor to keep your dog comfortable and dry. If you like, you can bring a favourite blanket or cuddle-bed to go on it.  Make sure that whatever you bring is expendable, as doggies are notorious for dragging things out to their runs, leaving them out in the rain, etc.

The Doggie Motel - Kennel

Any medications need to be clearly labelled as well.

"as directed" is not sufficient instruction!

Please do not put the pills in the food!


The kennel is, of course, heated and nice and bright inside. Since summer 2008, AIR CONDITIONING! I've always balked at using it because it uses so much energy, but now that we are Bullfrog Powered, I can do it guilt free!   All your pet's needs are met here, but if you'd prefer to keep your dog on the diet it's used to, you can bring that as well. I have a small fridge, or for longer stays, freezer space available. If your dog is on a B.A.R.F. (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet, you are welcome to bring that , or we can feed it ours, ( $3.50 per pound) My husband makes this by hand, packages it in washable, returnable containers and calls it "My Best Friend's- frozen raw food for dogs". We've been feeding our dogs raw for about 15 years now, and they are wonderfully shiny and healthy.



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