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Little Cabin Pet Food & Supplies


The Doggie Motel has a new service attached to the front of the kennel building. 

We have opened a store,  full of all kinds of pet foods- dry (kibble), canned,  frozen raw,  freeze dried,  dehydrated,  all kinds of supplies-  grooming tools,  bedding,  litter,  bowls, treats,  dehydrated bones, collars,  leashes,  for all kinds of pets- dogs, cats, rabbits,  mice,  rats, horses,  chickens...

We also have a lovely area built specially for cats-  "The Kitty Corner";  well away from the doggies.  The kitties each have their own or can share a cabin with their other family members.  There is an outdoor "catio" for them to enjoy,  as well as a catwalk across the top of one wall of the store.



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