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Thank you for your consideration that this is our home as well as place of business, so we appreciate you adhering to our hours.

Until things return to normal, We are doing drop-off and pick-up by appointment- we're trying to avoid having more than one customer at a time in the foyer. We clean the doorknobs after each person, there is hand sanitizer at the bottom of the stairs and in the foyer, and as of Monday, July 13, 2020 masks or face coverings are mandatory inside all businesses in Muskoka. If you forget yours we will provide one for you.


I always wanted to work with animals - dogs, especially. When we moved to Stahls Road in 1982, it was a dream come true to open The Doggie Motel. I was 16 then, and have been Tammy and the Dogsenjoying my job ever since!
My husband, Peter does the maintenance and building jobs and my helper is Janice.


All the dogs are out for a good romp at least 3 times a day (usually 4, sometimes 5!)  They can be walked on a leash, (those too timid to play with the others) let out to play in one of three large play yards, or run free with others and go for "bush walks".

When I ask you if yours can "go free", you will be trusting that your pup will hang with the others and not go A.W.O.L.!! 

                       Free means free!







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